Monday, August 27, 2012

cheat pb 270812

Download RLS 1.0.rar

Fitures :

[Visual 1 Menu]
Clean WH
Chams Police
Chams Teroris
No FOg
No SMoke
[Visual 2 Menu]
ESP Health 1
ESP Health 2
Esp Name
Esp Boxes
ESP Line
[Replace MENu]
[Cheat 1 Menu]
Hollow set
Damage Unyu
Cakar dino 1 Hit
1 Hit RPD EV
[Cheat 2 Menu]
Quick Change MAKRO
Fire speed
grade Hack
Bug luxvile
Move speed
No Vote
Display OFF
Check premium

Hotkeys D3D Menu:
D3d Menu On/OFF : INSERT
Arah Panah kanan = ON
Arah Panah Kiri OFF
Arah Panah ats & Bawah Pilih cit
Tutorial :
Buka PB launcher Buka Cheat Start Keluar Message Box/notice Ok,ok saja Hepii Cheatting dahKeterangan :
BUAT WINDOWS 7 and Windows Vista
-Buka Cheat Jangan Menggunakan DOUBLE klik!!!
-Tapi menggunakan Klik kanan
-Buka PB nya pun jangan pakai Double Klik
-Tapi menggunakan Klik kanan -Runadministrator juga


Thursday, September 29, 2011

5 Most Ridiculous Impersonation Robbers in the World

1. Matthew Allan Lee McNelly and Joey Miller of Iowa adlh thieves.they do not encounter problems wearing a ski mask but improvise with black marker. someone mamanggil police after they triedmaerampok house. they were arrested without hiding their mistakesbecause it has been clearly written in their stupid faces
2. Conrad Zdzierak complicated when wearing a mask who stole sixbanks in Ohio and was described a black male balding and acne.doi Hollywood who wore masks expensive .. emang nih capital of ...
3. A man disguised as a tree and tried to rob a bank in NewHampshire. tree branches taped to his head and chest, entered the bank and demanded money from tellers. He was identified byrecording pengawa and arrested.
4. Two criminals disguise Colorado used panties (thong). but the mask can not cover their entire faces. they were identified throughCCTV footage and beat up shopkeepers be prosecuted for the face and broke his jaw and stole 100 dollars and cigarettes .. (hadeh..'sthong her clothesline ngambil dr sapa ya?)
5. A man in Estero, Florida surprised a guard petrol stations. andmamakai mop as penyamarnnya. doi ask for money and the cashierhad just seen it and ran with bare-handed doi ...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bad Effect Facebook

Since created in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg, social networking site Facebook over and over "blame" on various issues. Starting from the destruction of marriage, obesity in children, up by Professor Peter Kelly, head of public health in Teesside, England, reveal that Facebook plays a role in the spread of syphilis.

In addition to these three things, many other effects of Facebook, which is bad. Here are ten adverse Facebook

1. Triggering divorce
Lawyers blame Facebook for one of five online divorce petition. Sites that can bring together old friends and make the user can talk to each other through chat applications, referred to as the background increase in the destruction of marriage and the temptation for cheating.

2. Triggering child suicide
Head of Catholic church in England and Wales, Archbishop Vincent Nichols, warned that Facebook can encourage young people have the view that friendship is a commodity. It can trigger the desire to commit suicide, when the relationship does not run anymore.

3. Eliminate the traditional
The survey, conducted a market research firm in 4,000 people under 30 years of age, revealed that many traditional expressions that are no longer disclosed as Facebook.

4. Triggering of bone disorders
Facebook is also often blamed for the bone disorder that occurs in children. Research in the British Medical Journal found that social networking sites and computer games, a precursor to vitamin D deficiency diseases such as the effect of which can make bones fragile.

5. Getting people to be closed
Research from Mintel, a market research firm, found more than half of adults who use social networking sites like Facebook, more than spending time on the internet talking to friends or other family members.

6. Making your partner jealous
The team of researchers from the University of Guelph, Canada, found that the use of Facebook increases partner's jealousy. They found that the more one spends time online on social networking sites and see their partner, then the level of suspicion is very high.

7. Made the event challenging the law
In some cases the law in the UK, Facebook, used as a platform to challenge the law. Parties which lodged the case law created a group, whose name is very provocative and against the law.

8. Makes many parents fall in love
Ofcom, the communications regulator making body, to find more middle-aged people who are members of social networking sites like Facebook. It shows the phenomenon of social networking sites have "grown", with users aged 35 to 54 jumped by 25 percent during the year 2009.

9. Make users feel unattractive
Millions of Facebook users say avoid menggunggah photos and delete names from a variety of photos, because they feel too fat, old, or looks ugly. That's according to a survey company that produces weight loss products, LighterLife, in 2000 people.

10. Revealing private life
Many people who put personal photos on Facebook without being aware of the dangers for him. Like the case of the wife of a British secret agent's head, Sir John Sawers, which displayed photographs of his family in detail in Facebook while on vacation with his family.

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